Release Notes 22.03.25

  • It's now possible to search for IE:s configured for "All". Select "All" and then check "Explicit Search".

  • Added the ability to filter IEs based on templates.

  • Improved security. Passwords are now required to be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 3 out 4 of the following classes of characters:

    • Lower case

    • Upper case

    • Digits

    • Symbols

    (Same policy as for the Semcon AD passwords.)

  • SvgHSEditor: The editor now supports numbered and unnumbered annotations. The same number may be used more than once and can be copied by CTRL-Click on an annotation.

  • New status colours: "Translated" IE:s are now displayed as purple while "Review" is reddish orange.

  • Project description now allows the same amount of characters as a folder description, preventing a crash when a folder is turned into a project.

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