Release Notes 21.12.17

  • Added support for viewing PDF:s in the preview window.

  • Enabled extrefs to non document types. Graphic, File, Video and Type6 will now get a default target in the targets tab. Intended for digital use only. Requires updates to the preview xslt for any implementation that uses the feature.

  • It is now possible to specify a regular expression that will be used to validate manually entered external numbers.

  • Improved handling of export dates; checkin will now clear export date on IE:s related through the "digital output" relation. Checking in the digital IE will clear export date on the print IE and trigger an export.

    (COSMOS) Checking in a graphic will now clear the export date on any Type6 that references it.

  • Added an id column to the "targets" tab.

  • WebReview: Modified the format of element id:s in task descriptions on tasks created from a remark.

  • Type6: Added zoom and pan functionality in the preview for Svg/Type6.

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