Release Notes 21.10.29

  • Added support for translation maps. Intended for translation of digital content containers such as bundles and strings.

  • CTRL+N (New window) now works with the new WebView2/Preview control.

  • Added F2 shortcut for folder properties.

  • Wiring Driagram Export Tools now uses the std api -> less likely to break on Kty updates.

  • Added an option to use SVG instead of jpegs in the preview when available.

  • Added support for translation maps to the MAP editor.

  • Enabled "fetch with internal editor" for older versions of an IE.

  • Implemented min/max width and height for preview images generated from SVG:s. Small images like Icons should now display properly.

  • MAP editor: Added Ctrl+S as a shortcut for "Save" and Ctrl+Shift+S for "Save and Exit" .

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes would cause SVG:s to get the wrong width and height.

  • Added content types for the most common "file" types. PDF:s should now be handled correctly.

  • Internal Editor: Spellcheck: Fixed a bug that in some cases would mark tag contents as misspelled.

  • "New copy of": The checkbox "Add copy to title" will now be disabled when a target folder is selected. "Add copy..." only works when saving the copy in the same folder as the original.

  • Internal editor: Selecting NO on "Document is not valid. Save anyway?" will now work as intended.

  • Fixed an issue that gave Video IE:s an X prefix instead of V in some cases.

  • Fixed a bug causing Kentucky to crash to desktop when attempting to fetch a translation with the internal editor. (Ctrl+Shift+O).

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