Release Notes 21.09.10

  • Updated the functionality of the Language Web Review to filter out and only display IEs which have been translated.

  • The Hotspot editor now supports creation of hotspots by drag&drop of "targets" from Kty. Hotspots can be ordered and sorted by drag&drop.

  • Added support for drag&drop of IE/Tasks/Webreviews. Same functionality as for cut&paste.

  • Added support for non-translated templates. Selecting "Do not translate" on the template will prevent IEs of this type from being translated.

  • Fixed an issue where line breaks didn't display correctly on remarks in the Web Review.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of task after accepting a web remark when using the new WebView2 component.

  • Fixed a crash when editing large Xml files in the internal editor. Preview will now be disabled when the rendered preview is larger than 2 MB.

  • Password entered at logon will now be validated against the local database first and only tried vs the Active directory when the local logon fails.

  • Translation preview will now include details on MAP:s.

  • Internal editor: Validation now works as expected.

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