Release Notes 21.06.11

  • Added support for WebView2 (EDGE Chromium based control used for preview, replaces IE);

    Chromium adds lots of features not found in IE, including support for video with subtitles

  • HotSpot editor now supports 'circle' and 'rect' in addition to points

  • Added excel export of the dependencies list (Chromium ¬†only, replaces IE builtin)

  • Added excel export of the translation preview list (Chromium only, replaces IE builtin)

  • Internal xml editor preview now supports more elements (emph and attention)

  • Preview now supports dynamic imagemaps with different shapes (Chromium only)

  • Improved filter handling, additional preview windows will now display correctly

  • Added task list "Checkout with" menu

  • Added "checkin and exit" function to the Svg hotspot editor.

    The extended checkin will maintain the custom releationship between pixel image and the svg

  • Added Zoom In/Out/Rest buttons to Hotspot editors.

  • EPC: SBOM Export now creates an excel file instead of a csv

  • Added a confirmation dialog when adding translations that does not match the selected language

  • Translations in the IE list are now sorted on Language code

  • Comments are now sorted on Creation date instead of Id. Date format is now 'yyyy-MM-dd'

  • Setting Done=Yes/No on tasks in the "Assigned Tasks" list now works as expected

  • Fixed IE Relation Diagram size on very large screens

  • Fixed a problem with the Hotspot editor when attempting to drag & drop targets on it.

    (The Hotspot editor does not support Drag & Drop)

  • Dev, Test and QA versions of Kentucky no longer revert back to blue titlebar when opening a new editor

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