Release Notes 21.05.16

  • Template files are now managed via Kentucky:

    This means you no longer need to have access rights to the disc area using Windows Explorer.

  • cmdPublish now has a new fileName format for baxter.

                  [ManualID + AddOnID]-[Market]-[ManualType]-[LangCode]-[PublishType].pdf
  • Update of Task IE version is changed. Quotation is added and Batch publish is removed.

    Now it works like this : IE Version on a Task is always updated when a new IE version is created, EXCEPT in the following cases:

    • Task Type = Translation or Quotation

    • Task Status = Completed, Rejected or Failed

  • Support for new web-browser component. Chromium based.


    Separate installation required, with local administration rights

  • Added support for video subtitles (map-track)

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