Release Notes 21.04.16

  • Added option to send for quotation. Unlike ordinary translations, sending for quotation will not change status of the affected IE:s.

  • Added a user dictionary and an ignore list to the spellchecker. The dictionaries will be user specific but shared between implementations. Context menu now have entries for adding and ignoring words.

  • Added an option to view the original language of a translated topic in the web language review.

  • Added a new option "Use outline font" to the graphics tab of the template dialog. Intended for SVG:s.

  • Attributes of type "Batch publish" are now sorted on description.

  • Added a small icon to the Image Browser where you can copy the image link to clipboard for easy insert into topic.

  • IE relation diagram:

    • Fixed an issue that made it time out on large amounts of included IE:s.

    • Fixed a problem causing some IEs to be disconnected.

  • Fixed a couple of issues that prevented version compare on some topics in the web review.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes broke the navigation of the web review tree structure.

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