Release Notes 21.03.19

  • Added a button to the review wizard that lets you copy the configurations of the MAP to the review being created.

  • Added a progress bar displayed at the top of the review map tree indicating the progress of the current review.

  • Updated the link in the review email to link directly to the relevant review.

  • Added the remark target ID to the notification email and the optional task.

  • Removed the option to add remarks when doing a review compare since it was possible to add remarks to content in previous versions.

  • Added the ability to assign reviews. You can do this in the properties panel.

  • Added the ability to search for Assigned to in the review search.

  • Added the option to modify users of a language review after it's been created.

  • Updated the look of the taskboard to not hurt your eyes so much.

  • The "targets" tab is now sorted in document order.

  • Fixed a problem with translations causing publish to fail when using suppress-title on an ieref.

  • Fixed an issue that didn't properly display if a search xpath was private or public when editing.

  • EPC: Added an SBOM (SparePart Build Of Material) export function

  • Optimized the log so it loads quicker and doesn't time out.

  • Added a spell checker to the internal editor.

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