Kentucky editor: New language review

Prerequisite: The MAP must be in ForTranslation or Translated status.


Only add the MAP to the review, not included IEs.

  1. Right-click on the translation entry of a MAP and select New Language Review.


    Only one language per review is allowed.

  2. Enter the information. The review will only be available from the start date to the end date. Information type is decided by Kentucky superuser, it may be different for all implementations.

  3. Click Next to add language review users or click Finish.

  4. The new language review is not yet started. It is available in the Task list in the same folder as the MAP sent for review.

  5. Optional, depending on implementation way of working: Add the review to the review folder by using the Structure tab.

  6. Right click on the review task and select Start.

  7. The window Select users to notify gives a possibility to select review users that the review e-mail is sent to.

  8. In Kentucky, select the tab View  Kentucky Web Portal.

  9. Send the link to those who are supposed to review (instruction for reviewers in next section): (Implementation=as written on the Kentucky shortcut icon).


    Do not copy the browser link. If you copy the link from the browser and send that one, then the reviewers will be logged in as you.

  10. The reviewer can select different items and add remarks.

  11. In Kentucky, select the review to see all comments.

  12. Click Accept to accept the remark or Reject with an optional comment. The comment is visible for the reviewers in the review tool.

    To notify author via e-mail, check the box for Notify author and click Send notifications.

  13. If remark is accepted, the New task window is opened.

    • Edit the information of the new task, assign the task to an editor and click Finish or

    • Click Cancel to not create a task. The comment is still accepted, but no new task is created.

  14. It is possible to Reset the Accept/Reject on the comment.

  15. When review due date is passed, the review will get status done.

  16. To stop the review before due date, click End Review.

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