Release Notes 21.01.29

  • The Review Tool now supports reviews of translations.

    Right click the translation entry of a MAP in For Translation or Translated status to create a new Language Review.

  • Added a new Tool "Configuration Id Generator" intended to support authoring of inline configurations. Available under the Tools menu.

  • Updated the Review Tool to only support review of one MAP file in each review.

  • The Targets window now displays the database contents and not what will be created on checkin.

  • Internal editor: Added support for configuration in the xml editor. Right click on a start tag and select "Configuration".

  • Internal editor: Added Expand/Collapse All

  • Added 2 new attribute types; "Language Group" and "Batch Publish".

  • GImport program has been extended with logic to handle also graphic imports for McLaren.

  • New IE: Attributes are no longer reset when adding a structure/folder.

  • Advanced search: Structure tab is no longer empty if current folder is a search folder

  • Advanced search: It is no longer possible to add "Current Folder" when current folder is a search folder.

  • User Settings (eg Internal Editor Layout) are no longer reset to default on a new Kentucky release.

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