Release Notes 20.12.07

  • Internal Editor updates

    • Added preview panel. Still work in progress but it will be improved in future updates.

    • Added search panel for attentions, terms and phrases.

    • Added "save layout" feature.

  • Active Directory integration; Semcon employees may now use their Semcon password when logging into Kentucky. The old, implementation specific password still works.

  • New TaskType "Batch Publish", enables publishing of all IEs in a task. Several languages och stylesheet at once

  • "Send to translation" will now preselect previously used languages.

  • MAP Editor: "Rename" on the context menu is now disabled for the root element

  • The "suppress-title" attribute is now made available when publishing

  • The installer for the Illustrator plugin now supports the Swedish version of Illustrator 2021.

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