• The web Task Board now features adding, editing and removing tasks.

  • Improved validation on checkin; error messages will now always include document number and element, making it easier to fix problems caused by inclusions of invalid documents. (6873)

  • Validation in the Internal Editor has been improved; error messages now includes the correct line number and the corresponding row will be highlighted. (6873b)

  • The form for "New Copy of .." has been resized so that it will work better on low resolution screens. (6916)

  • New Copy of: target folder selection is now enabled for single item copies. (6843)

  • When you select a child task in Task relations, the properties window now change to the child task. (6149)

  • Added validity to custom relations. (6943)

  • "Replace content" on an IE of type Video now works as expected. (6952)

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