• MAP Editor updated

    • New layout; now using a single tree control

    • Option "Always on top" is now working as intended. Defaults to true. If "Always on top" isn't selected, dragging over the Map editor will bring it to the top.

    • Search now supports free text searches. Ctrl+F, F3 and Shift+F3 is now supported.

    • Now allows ieref to MAP (folder)

    • Referenced IE titles are updated on load

    • Supports Drag&Drop of folders and ieref:s

    • Supports setting a new attribute; suppress-title.

  • Internal Xml Editor Drag&Drop

    • Xmleditor now supports internal drag and drop of content

    • Now supports drop from the Kentucky client

      • drag from the IE List creates ieref, kty.include, video or graphic tags depending on type of ie

      • drag from the Targets tab creates an extref

  • Kentucky client shortcuts review/updates

    Reworked the way Cut/Copy/Paste is implemented. Freed up common shortcuts for use in more controls.

    • IEListControl: Ctrl+A (Select All) now works as expected

    • IEListControl: Added Ctrl+Shift+U as an alternate shortcut for "Checkout with internal editor"

    • Internal Xml Editor: Added Ctrl+Shift-Z as an alternate shortcut for "Redo"

    • Task Control: Ctrl-C on a single task/review copies task/review Number in addition to copy task/review.

    • Targets tab: Ctrl-C on a target copies the target Id.

  • Added the Internal Xmleditor as an option when checking out/fetching translations

  • Web Translation Client

    Users can now add comments in the web Translation Client (KTC).

  • Users can now add attachments in the web Translation Client (KTC).

  • Other

    When an administrator changes the password of another user that user will have to change the password on next login. There is no longer any 3 month waiting period.

  • HotSpot Editor - now strips whitespace when pasting text.

  • Fixed a bug in "Find IE" causing a CTD (Crash To Desktop) in some rare cases.

  • Task Due date is no longer mandatory and may be cleared using the task property control.

  • Reviews that has ended will no longer show up on "Assigned to Me"

  • Fixed an issue in the web review preview that showed the create task window after clicking the back link.

  • There was an issue in the web review preivew that didn't show versions when they were not latest version. This is now fixed.

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