Deactivate user

A user can be deactivated for several reasons. An incative user can't login to Kentucky. Information about name, phone, e-mail and password will be deleted. Only the user id is saved.

User name is still saved in IE comments etc ( where it is enterd as text), but the "Assigned to" information will be changed to the user id.

Deactivate users who are no longer working in the implemention, in order to prevent assigning tasks or IEs to the user.

Deactivate users who refer to GDPR and want their data to be removed.

It is possible to show and reactivate inactive users. When reactivating all information must be entered again, as it has been deleted.

  1. Start Kentucky and login with your Admin account (NOT your regular account which has no rights for adding/edit users).

  2. Go to File  Users.

  3. Select a user.

  4. Click on the button Edit.

  5. Deselect the checkbox at Active. Click OK.

  6. The user can no longer login to Kentucky.

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