IE Relation Diagram

The IE Relation Diagram is a graphic representation of all IE relations so you can get a better overview of your information.

You access the IE Relation Diagram by selecting an IE and pressing Ctrl + F6, or by selecting the IE Relation Diagram option from the IE right click menu.

In the diagram each IE is represented by a node in one of three colors.

  • The green node is the IE selected when opening the diagram. This is the parent IE.

  • Yellow nodes are IEs that includes one or more IEs and is also itself included in one or more IEs.

  • Red nodes are IEs that includes one or more IEs but itself isn't included in anything else. We call these top IEs.

You can change the layout of the diagram by selecting a different layout in the layout selection menu in the top left.

The Refresh button or F5 will refresh the current view.

The Route Links button will redraw the arrows between nodes.

In the search box you can search for part of an IE title or an IE number. The search will trigger once you’ve pressed the Enter key.

Any IEs in the diagram that match the search will be selected and highlighted. You can see how many selected items there are in the status bar at the bottom.

Press Ctrl + F to quickly access the search box.

You can also select IEs by clicking them individually. Select multiple nodes by holding the Control key while clicking, or by dragging a box around them.

Zoom in by clicking the Zoom in button, scrolling your mouse wheel up or pressing Ctrl and the + key.

Zoom out by clicking the Zoom out button, scrolling you mouse wheel down or pressing Ctrl and the – key.

By pressing the button indicating the current zoom level, you reset the zoom to the initial 100 %.

Zoom to fit will change the zoom level to fit the entire diagram into your window.

By pressing the Magnifier button, or the Z key, a magnifier will be toggled at your mouse cursor which will let you zoom a specific part of the diagram.

Pan your diagram view by holding the Control key and the left mouse button while moving your mouse.

The Overview can be turned on or off by clicking the Overview button.

The menu next to the overview button will give you options to pin the overview to the four corners of your diagram view. The same menu can be accessed by right clicking the overview.

Move the overview around freely by clicking and holding the overview title bar.

If you want to work with specific IEs shown in the diagram you can right click the node, a menu will show with different options depending on what kind of node you are clicking.

  • Find IE (always available) will search for the selected IE and display the result in the main Kentucky window.

  • When right clicking a red top IE you will have the option to Find all top IEs. This will search for all the top IEs and display them in the main Kentucky window.

  • When one or more nodes are selected and you right click a selected node you will see the option Find all selected IEs. This will search for all the selected IEs and display them in the main Kentucky application.

You can copy the entire diagram as an image into your clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C while focused on your diagram view. You can then paste the image into any windows program as an image.

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