Roles and responsibilities

Implementation expert

The implementation expert. Knowledge of configurations, folder structures, processes, templates and users.Adequate knowledge for making strategic decisions on how the CMS is best used based on delivery requirements and editors skills.

Information types & templates

Understanding the consequences of structuring the content according to information types and sub- information types.

Understanding how templates relates to the information types and the consequences of using specific templates.

First line support

Knowledge of Kentucky to be able to answer common daily questions from users.

In order to minimize administration for the Kentucky-team, SU should be the only direct contact for the Kentucky resources, on phone, mail or JIRA.

The Kentucky team provides SU-courses.

User educator

Educate users and inform users about release notes.Creates user instructions needed to be specific for its implementation.

Kentucky team provides standard user manual for Kentucky.

JIRA admin

Create and follow up issues in JIRA.

Kentucky team provides JIRA account.

Test / Validation

Validate changes, based on release notes.Validating is performed in the QA-environment.

SU performs mainly validation of function.Actual testing is performed by the Kentucky team.

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