Make a translation with the KTC client

This exercise shows how a translation works when your external partner uses the KTC client (a Kentucky support program) to download and do the translation.

  1. Create a new topic

    • Select your own folder in the Navigate panel

    • Right-click and select "New IE" and then "New Xml Document"

    • In the "New document" window which comes up

      • In the "Information type" field, select "User Information"

      • In the "Sub Information type" field, select "User Manual"

      • In the "Template" field, select "map-concept"

      • In the "Title" field, write "My Second Translation using KTC"

      • Select OK button.

  2. Add some text

    • Make sure your topic is selected in the IE list.

    • In the IE list header, select "Checkout" (right-arrow icon)

    • Write the following text :

      "This is an english text we will translate to swedish."

    • Press Ctrl+S to save your text.

    • Exit the Authentic program

    • In Kentucky, select the "CheckIn" button in the IE list header (left-arrow icon)

  3. Send the topic for translation

    • In the top menu, select Translate / Send to translation (new window comes up)

      • Select language "sv-SE"

      • Optionally add a text to the translator in the text field.

      • Select OK (Even if you "sent" your translation, it stays inside Kentucky until the translator downloads it)

  4. Contact your translator, by phone or email and tell them you have sent a translation for them.

    Using the KTC client program they download and do the translation and send it back to Kentucky. Your topic status changes from "ForTranslation" to "Translated".

    Either they contact you when done or else you can check the status in Kentucky from time to time when it is expected to be finished.

Open KTC yourself to check that your translation is listed.

  • Press Win+D (hold Windows-button down while you press D (D for desktop)). All programs on your screen should be minimized and your desktop should be visible.

  • Locate your folder on the desktop named "Kentucky QA", open that folder, select and open Training folder.

  • Double-click on "Training KTC" and the Kentucky Translation Program opens. (the same as some translators are using)

  • To see a list over your translations with all "not yet completed tasks", do the following :

    • Select File  Requests  Get Not Completed

    • Or press Ctrl+N, and you should see something like this.

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