The Kentucky main screen is divided in five areas or panels.

  1. Ribbon (top) menu. It can be minimized when you fex have a small screen and want to be able to use more of the screen.

  2. Navigate panel. From here you control which structure and folder you see items from in area 3.

  3. Content area, there you normally see the IE list, Task, Search and Assigned to me list panels.

  4. Preview area. Normally you see the html preview panel, but you can also choose between Xml, Dependencies and IE Relations panel.

  5. Properties area. It contains several panels like Main properties, Comments, Assigned Tasks, External systems, Configurations, Attributes, Attachments, Targets and the Structures panel.

All function buttons show a description if you hold the mouse cursor still above them. For example, if you first select a topic in the IE list (Area 3) and then move the cursor over the buttons above the list, you will see and reach Check out, Check in and Undo buttons. The same for all panels in Kentucky.

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