Make a translation to yourself

This exercise shows how a manual translation works. Normally you send the translation to an external partner, but depending on which way this is done, you need to know the following steps.

  1. Create a new topic

    • Select your own folder in the Navigate panel

    • Right-click and select "New IE" and then "New Xml Document"

    • In the "New document" window which comes up

      • In the "Information type" field, select "User Information"

      • In the "SubInformation type" field, select "User Manual"

      • In the "Template" field, select "map-concept"

      • In the "Title" field, write "My First Translation"

      • Select OK button.

  2. Add some text

    • Make sure your topic is selected in the IE list.

    • In the IE list header, select "Checkout" (right-arrow icon)

    • Write the following text

      "This is an english text we will translate to swedish."

    • Press Ctrl+S to save your text.

    • Exit the Authentic program

    • In Kentucky, select the "CheckIn" button in the IE list header (left-arrow icon)

  3. Send the topic to yourself for translation

    • In the top menu, select Translate / Send to translation (new window comes up)

      • Assign the task to "Me"

      • Select language "sv-SE"

      • Select OK

  4. Download the topic to your computer

    • Select your IE in the IE list once more

    • In the top menu, select Translation / Get Translation file (new window comes up)

      • At the right of the "Destination directory" field, select the small button with three dots on (new window comes up)

      • Select your desktop and then OK.

      • Select OK (your topic is now downloaded to your computer desktop)

  5. Do the translation

    • Select and hold the windows key on the keyboard and then press E, release both (windows explorer opens (utforskaren))

    • Go to your desktop and select your topic (a zip file starting with D00...)

    • Right-click and select "Extract all..." (your zip file is extracted to a new folder with the same name)

    • Locate and open the folder

    • Open the topic in Notepad or any text editor. (xml file starting with the name D00...)

      Replace the text with the following sentence :

      "Detta är en engelsk text som vi skall översätta till svenska."

      Save and exit Notepad.

    • Exit windows explorer (utforskaren).

  6. Add the translation back to Kentucky

    • Expand your IE in the IE list by pressing the small right-arrow just before the line. Versions to this IE is listed.

    • Expand first version by pressing the right-arrow just before the line. Translations to this version is listed.

    • Select the sv-SE line.

    • Right-click and select "Add Translation" (new window comes up)

    • Go to your desktop. Locate the folder and select your topic (the xml file starting with D00...). Select OK

    • You now have done a manual translation yourself.

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