Create basedata and configurations

Create new basedata
  1. Start Kentucky and login with your Admin account (NOT your regular account which has no rights for configurations)

  2. go to File / Basedata

  3. Select the "Base data" field at the top and select the group you want to add configurations for.

  4. Click on the Add icon (plus sign) top left in the toolbar.

  5. Fill in Id and a short description in the "Description" field. Keep the description as short as possible and avoid spaces if possible. When used as part of a configuration (which contains several different basedata's) the config string can be very long and hard to understand if to long description texts is used on each basedata.

  6. Click OK.

Create new configuration
  1. Go to File / Configurations

  2. Select the config combination you need, for example : Brand = Volvo, Model = V60, Year = 2017, Engine = D4, Equipment = Classic Edition.

  3. For each panel you select an item for, the combination is displayed in the "Description field" below. If the current combination is not created yet, it turns red.

  4. Continue select a combination until it turns red, if not already. For this exercise, select at least two items, even if one item works to.

  5. Select your combination in the "Description" field. Click the Add button. Your combination is created and turns black with the checkbox beside it filled in.

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