Create a new image template

Short exercise for how to create a new graphic template. If the needed image format does not exist on disk, you need access to that folder and Illustrator skills to update a template.

If the graphic format files does not exist yet, we need to do that first
  1. With the Windows Explorer program go to the template folder. See below example, replace [IMPL] with the name of your implementation.


    If you are doing this as part of the SU Training course, use the following path instead :


    If you also are doing the course among other students, it is recommended to add your inital to all filenames and templates you create, else you will risk overwriting files for each other.

  2. Locate for example the format and make a copy of that file for your new format, name it to for example (with your initial added if needed)

  3. Open your new format file in Illustrator by double-clicking on it.

  4. Adjust height and width to what your new format should be.

  5. Click File / Scripts / Kentucky Production / "Name of your implementation" / ToKentucky

    If you are doing this as part of the SU Training course, use the following path instead :

    Click File / Scripts / Kentucky QA / Training / ToKentucky

  6. When the Illustrator plugin opened, select File / Create Template. (The plugin now creates all formats needed for your new template)

  7. You are now done making template files and can close both Illustrator and the Windows Explorer program.

Let kentucky know about the format files
  1. Start Kentucky and login with your Admin account (NOT your regular account which has no rights for adding/edit users)

    Go to File / Templates

  2. Select for example Template 20x20. Right-click and select Copy

  3. Right-click on your new template and select Edit. It should look something like this :

  4. Change the "Description" field to for example 90x120 or what your new format is (and with your initial added if needed).

  5. Change the "Template path" field to specify your new format.

  6. Change to the "Graphic Format" tab

  7. Using the Add / Delete / Edit buttons, make sure the right formats and usage are specified for your new template.

    • Format : This column specifies the graphical format, like jpeg, svg etc.

    • CheckOut : This column specifies which format will be used as the main edit format (usually the .ai Illustrator format)

    • Web : This format will be used when you select the Online or Review stylesheet when making an pdf.

    • Print : This format will be used when you select the Print stylesheet when making an pdf (used for print on paper).

  8. Click the OK button. (template window closes)

  9. Change to File / Template Folders (new window opens)

  10. In the bottom left panel, select the "Information Type" folder there you want your graphic template to be available.

  11. In the top panel, select your new graphic template and right-click it. Select Add (you can now see that your template is added to the bottom right panel there current available templates are for your Information Type).

Your new graphic template is ready to use for users with "Graphic Admin" rights.

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