Add a new user

  1. Start Kentucky and login with your Admin account (NOT your regular account which has no rights for adding/edit users)

  2. go to File / Users

  3. Add a new user by clicking on the "Add" button (plus icon at the top)

  4. In the "User Id" field, add the s-number for the new user, for example s12345

  5. In the "Name" field, write the user's full name with both first and last name. Middle names not needed.

  6. If the new user is not sitting at the same office as yourself, it is convenient to also fill in the "Phone" field.

  7. In the "E-mail" field, write the users email address.

  8. In the "Password" field, write a temporary password the user can change after first login.

  9. In the "Administrator Groups" panel, select the rights the new user should have. Normally only Document and Graphic should be selected and if a user who should have responsibility for folder structure also "Folder" rights. Never give User or System rights to anyone except yourself, the current SuperUser for this implementation!

    Example of new user input
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