Compare MAP with configs

In this exercise we will see differences when changing configuration on topics and MAPs.

  1. We will create a new image and add it to the topic named 'My second topic'

    • Select the Users structure and your folder in the Navigate panel. Right click and select "New IE" and then "New Graphic"

    • Information type: select "10 - User Information"

    • Information type: select "10 - User Information"

    • Template: select "80 x 60 mm"

    • Title: input "My second Picture"

    Leave the rest fields empty and click OK

  2. Leave the editing of your picture for an illustrator to finish at a later date. This is not needed now, we can still use the picture. Normally you would create an image order now, but that will come later in the training.

  3. Select the topic "My second Topic" and add above picture right after the first picture you added previously. Add the title "My second Picture for V60". Don't forget to check in the topic again into Kentucky when done.

  4. Right click the topic named "My second Topic" and then select "Checkout with internal xml editor".

  5. New window comes up. In the TreeView (bottom left), select the second "figure" and click on Configuration in the menu.

  6. Select "Volvo" under the Brand panel and then "V60" under the Model panel. Bottom left, select your configuration (Volvo V60) and then click the AddNew button. Finish your input with the OK button. The Internal XML Editor Configuration window closes.

  7. Select first "Validate" from the menu. When the OK confirmation window comes up, close it and then select "Save and Exit" from the menu. The Internal XML Editor window closes. Check in your topic back to Kentucky.

  8. Repeat step 2 to 8, call the third picture "My third Picture for V70" and use the the configuration "Volvo V70" .

  9. Before we use the MAP, we will try using the manual filter which is a quick way to test out that this topic will show as we intended.

    • Make sure the topic "My second Topic" is selected and then select the IE filter from the Ribbon (top) menu.

    • Bottom right of the Configuration panel (still under the IE filter menu), there is a small icon. Click it to open the IE Filter configuration.

    • Select "Volvo V70", click on AddNew button and finish with the OK button. When the configuration windows closes you have a new orange little icon next to the "Update filter" function. This means the filter is changed but it is not yet applied to the list. Update the filter so all IE's in the list get this new filter added to them.

  10. Re-select "My second Topic" in the list and look at the preview panel.

    • Now you see that the picture with the title "My first Picture" still shows, since it has no configuration (it has the configuration "All" which means always visible)

    • Now you see that the picture with the title "My second Picture" disappeared, since it has the configuration "Volvo V60" which is not the same as "Volvo V70" which you set the filter to.

    • Now you see that the picture with the title "My third Picture" is still visible, since it has the same configuration "Volvo V70" which you set the filter to.

  11. Turn off the manual filter by selecting the "ON" function in the menu. It turns back to OFF.

  12. Now we are ready to print it, so do so. When you look at the pdf you see that all three pictures are visible again. This is because we turned of the manual filter and since we did not select a specific version of the IE, not even the recorded configuration on the topic is considered either.

  13. Expand your topic and select the last version. Print it out again. All pictures still show, why is this so ? It is because when you stand on an IE version, the configuration on that specific version is considered and since we have not yet added one, all are still visible...

    • Under Properties, in the Configuration panel (bottom right if you have not changed your screen setup yet), select the Edit button and add the configuration "Volvo V60".

    Once again print out the topic. This time we see that the third picture disappeared instead, since that has the configuration "Volvo V70" and we changed to "Volvo V60" above.

  14. Select your topic named "My first Topic". From the Edit menu, select Approved.

  15. Select your topic named "My second Topic". From the Edit menu, select Approved.

  16. Select the first version of your MAP named "My first MAP". Set the configuration to "Volvo" only. Print it. What happens and why ?

    • Did not one picture show ? That is that they also need to be Approved. Approve them (and the Attention) and try again.

    • Did only first picture show up now ? That is because you selected the configuration "Volvo" which is not the same as "Volvo V60" or "Volvo V70". Add the configuration "Volvo V60" to your map and print again.

    • Did all three pictures get included now ? Why not just the second, the one we put config "Volvo V60" to ? That is because when you are using combined configurations (both Brand and Model in this example), together with a single config (only Brand here), Kentucky uses OR not AND when it combines configurations. So when you set the configuration to "Volvo V60" OR "Volvo" you are in fact setting it to "Volvo V60" OR "Volvo ALL" and since ALL is visible all the time, the "V60" in this case has no effect ("overridden by "All"). So remember, when combining configurations starting on same config all you use must have same number of combinations.

    Configuration combinations
    "Volvo V60" only items with config "Volvo V60" will be included.

    "Volvo V60"

    "Volvo V70"

    only items with config "Volvo V60" OR "Volvo V70" will be included, but for example not "Volvo V90" if that exist in your content.

    "Volvo V60"


    here second config has no second level. It defaults to ALL which will include all second level combinations there first is "Volvo", meaning "V60" has no effect in this case.

    "Volvo V60"


    here second combination also is empty on second level, but since first config is not same (Ford, not Volvo), the correct only "Volvo V60" (and Ford) configurations will be included as a result.

    "Volvo V60 2016"

    "Volvo V60"

    Same thing as before, just on third level. All year models will be included, since second does not have third level specified. Here 2016 will have no effect.

    "Volvo V60 2017"

    "Volvo V60"

    "Volvo V70"

    same as above, all "Volvo V60" or "Volvo V70" will be included, but the year 2017 has no effect.
  17. Example for a "Volvo V60 2017 D4" in File/Configurations. In this example the combination does not exist, so is marked in red.

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