Create an attention and add it to the first IE

Short exercise for creating an external attention and adding it to an IE.

  1. Select the Users structure and your folder in the Navigate panel. Right click and select "New IE" and then "New XML document"

    • Information type: select "40 - Safety"

    • Sub Information type: select "40:02 - Warning"

    • Template: select "Warning"

    • Title: input "My first attention (Your Initial)"

    Leave the rest fields empty and click OK

  2. Checkout your attention and add a text of your choice. Check it in again.

  3. Select your attention in the IE list and press Ctrl+C on the keyboard. You will now have a copy of it's address in the clip-board.

  4. Check out your topic named "First topic" and move the cursor to the bottom of the text.

  5. Right-click and select first "Insert" in the menu which comes up and then "kty.include" in the second menu.

  6. Position your cursor right inbetween the "href" tags and press Ctrl+V on the keyboard. The address you previosly copied from your attention should be inserted.

  7. Press Ctrl+S to save the topic and exit the editor.

  8. Check in your topic in kentucky. Watch the html preview. Your attention should show there you added it.

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