Create and compare two IE version's

Before adding content you need a personal folder to place your documents in. Later when working in Kentucky your implemention will have specific folders for different purposes, but for this course we will use just one folder for all your content you will create.

Your teacher might already have created folders under a structure called "Users". See under the Navigate panel. Also, if you have collegues taking the course at the same time as you, you should add your initials to every topic or other info you are creating, This to avoid editing another authors info. If you try to edit content assigned to somone else, Kentucky will warn you, but not when changing meta data for example.

As help for the first time creating an IE in Kentucky, see the video 'Create and edit topic' available at, select 'Videos' and then 'How-To videos'.

  1. Create an IE using the following ::

    • For Information Type, choose '10 - User Information'

    • For SubInformation Type, choose '10:01 - User Manual'

    • For Template, choose 'map-concept'

    • For Title, enter 'First IE (Your initials)'

    • Click Finish

  2. Check-out the IE and add a new p tag with the text 'This is a sentence in the first IE'. Check in.

  3. Change the status to 'Review', since you are ready with your first Draft and need someone to Review it.

    • Make sure correct IE is selected in the 'Information Entities list' (Content list, area 3)

    • From the Edit menu, select 'Review'. If someone else would be doing the review, you would also assign this IE to that person (using 'Assign To' from the Tools menu), so he/she would know it is ready for review.

  4. Put on your 'Reviewer hat' and print the IE as a pdf.

    • Make sure correct IE is selected in the 'Information Entities list' (Content list, area 3)

    • In the top menu change to Publish (or press Ctrl+P)

    • Select a stylesheet (fex A4 Portrait PDF - Review) and language (fex en-GB). Press the Publish button. A few seconds later a PDF should come up with your IE.

    • After looking through the text you decide it is not quit finished yet, so you make a new revision. Right-click your IE and select 'New Revision' (or press F10). Write a short comment to the editor, telling what remains to be fixed. Note that your IE now again got status Draft and the version 1.1. If it were another person than yourself who edited the text, you would also assign this IE back to that person (using 'Assign To' from the Tools menu).

  5. Switch back to your 'Editor hat' and add another text to your IE.

    • Check out your IE once again.

    • Add another text below the first with the text 'This is second sentence in first IE'.

    • Save and Check in again.

    • Now we want to compare the two versions we created.

      • Expand your IE so you see both versions (small gray arrow just before the topic line).

      • With Ctrl pressed down on the keyboard, click on both versions so they get selected.

      • Right-click on one of them (does not matter which) and select Compare from the menu. A new window opens.

      • Select Stylesheet (fex A4 Portrait PDF - Review) and Language (fex en-GB).

      • Click OK.

      • After a while another PDF comes up. The second sentence you made should be marked in green, since it is a new text added since first version. If you removed something between these versions, that text gets marked in orange.

  6. Repeat these steps until the reviewer says it is OK. He/she does that by doing the following steps.

    • The reviewer changes status to Approved, which is the signal that this topic is ready to be included in a manual or other document.

    • The reviewer sets VFD (Valid From Date) if this is a known information at this time. For this exercise set the VFD to one week back.

    • The Reviewer also changes 'Assigned to' to the person handling next step in the process.

  7. After the first manual got printed and sent to the customer, the customer comes back with changes to your IE

    • Since your IE reached status Approved, you must first change major version to be able to edit it. Right-click your IE and select 'New Version'. Input a short description and click OK button.

    • Check out your IE and change second sentence from 'This is second sentence in first IE' to 'This is second version of first IE'. Save the topic and check in again to Kentucky.

    • Select last two versions, 1.1 and 2.0 and do a Compare. Note how the changes is displayed in the Compare PDF coming up.

    • Since this was a small change initiated from the customer, Approve the IE yourself and change VFD (Valid From Date) to todays date.

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