Install Kentucky Training Client

For training exercises we have a separate implementation called TRAINING. Follow the instruction below to install it on your computer.


To be able to install and use the TRAINING application you must be using a SEMCON computer connected to the SEMCON network. You do not need to sit physically in a SEMCON office, but your computer must be configured by the SEMCON IT department. This exludes for example private computers or computers set up for another company.


Not needed for this exercise, but If you will be using Adobe Illustrator you need write permissions in the following folder before you start the installation : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2017\Presets\ If you do not have local admin rights, you need to order this from the IT-department by creating a ticket BEFORE this exercise.

  • Start a browser (fex Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer). Enter the following in the address-field

  • At the bottom of your browser, right-click on the download and select 'Show in folder'

    Locate the file. Right-click and select "Extract all". A window comes up, click the OK button.

  • Open your just created install folder and double-click on the install.bat file. A black window comes up. When it stops listing (happens rather quickly), close the window again by pressing the X button in the upper right corner.

  • Delete both the file and the Install folder, they are only for the installation and are no longer needed.

  • The startup icon for Kentucky are now placed on your desktop in a folder named "Kentucky QA". Open it and select the implementation (TRAINING). You will now find 3 icons. KTC is the Kentucky Translation Client. KPC is the Kentucky Print Client. Last you have an icon with only TRAINING as name, this is the main icon for starting up Kentucky. User Id normally is the same as your Semcon s-number, but the password is not. This is selected by your teacher who created your training account.

  • Bingo! You are now inside Kentucky and ready to go.

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