Kentucky is a Content Management System (CMS), specially made for Semcons internal use and not intended as a product for sale. It is DITA based but also so much more. It’s highly configurable and adaptive for different uses such as product information and as a pre-system for online solutions etc. Kentucky is a topic-based authoring tool.

Training material

The Kentucky Super User Training Materials consists of :

Super Users Responsibilities

Each implementation of Kentucky has one dedicated "Super User". The "Super User" has the main responsibility for the implementation exemplified in the below list.

  • The implementation "expert" and the person to go to when users are having problems.

  • First line support for all users of the implementation.

  • Single point of contact for the KTY team.

  • Responsible for user setup and there full education including writing and keeping author guidelines up to date, etc.

  • Responsible for Configuration planning, setup and how the authors should use it.

  • Xml, MAP and Image Templates.

  • Responsible for creating and follow up of issues in JIRA, Semcons issue handling system.

  • Responsible for testing new releases of both programs, stylesheets and other changes. Releases of Kentucky is normally done every third week. Changes to the stylesheets are done by request from SU.

  • Responsible for gathering new information about the system and forward that information to the users of the implementation. For example via Kentucky Network and the Kentucky Website.

The SU has two accounts to login in with. One admin account (usually with "-admin" added to the s-number) and one regular account for editorial work.


Do NOT use the admin account for editorial work. When using the admin account, rules are bypassed and there is a risk of causing grave problems.

The KTY implementation

Currently (April 2017) there are almost 30 installations of Kentucky, so called implementations. Each customer has its own implementation and every implementation of Kentucky has three environments.

  • Production environment: used for the daily work.

  • QA (Quality Assurance) environment: used for SU (Super User) verifications of changes to Kentucky. Is a copy of the production environment.

  • Test Environment: used only by the KTY Team for testing of new features and changes.

The Users

Users are divided in four groups - SU, authors, illustrators and reviewers. For smaller implementations, users sometimes act as both author and illustrator. The user rights are adapted for these groups.

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