Hotspot Editor

The hotspot editor is a tool you use when you want to add hotspot links to your images and illustrations.

The left column of the editor lists all of the imagemaps in your current IE. An asterix after the name indicates that the imagemap has been altered but the changes have not yet been saved.

In the main work area you will see your currently selected image. Clicking anywhere in the image will add a hotspot. You can move the hotspot by dragging it around. You delete a hotspot by rightcliking on the pin and selecting delete.

Holding the Ctrl button while scrolling you mouse wheel will zoom in and out.

The right column lists all the hotspots on you currently selected image. When you first create a hotspot the pin is colored red and the right column displays [extref not set]. Rightclicking the entry in the column will let you either delete the current hotspot or paste a reference. Easiest way to get your reference is to select an IE in Kentucky, selecting the target panel and copying your target from there.

Once you've added an extref to your hotspot the entry is changed to the reference number and the pin color is changed to blue. An asterix is added to the image name in the left column indicating that there are unsaved changes.

You can save your work, validate the XML and exit the tool from the toolbar at the top.

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