Kentucky uses configurations to filter out specific information. Another common name for configuration is “validity”, as in “this information is valid for… xxx”.

A configuration is a combination of one to eight base data values.

Base data

Example of base data

Car model Model year Engine
S60 2015 D2
V70 2016 D3
XC90 D4

If these base data were available to set individually, one could select S60, 2015, V8 but this combination does not exist and therefore is not valid.

Valid Configurations

The model S60 is available with the following engines (2016): D2, D3, D4, D5, T3, T4, T5, T6.

The model V70 is available with the following engines (2016): D3, D4, T4.

The model XC90 is available with the following engines (2016): D4, D5, T6, V8.

Let’s assume that only V70 were available in 2015 (with engines D4, D5 and T4).

We also want to be able to set configurations that do not specify engine.

Kentucky would then have the following configurations created:

[All] T6 S60, 2016, T6
2015 V8 V70, 2015, D4
2016 S60, 2016 V70, 2015, T4
S60 V70, 2015 V70, 2015, D5
V70 V70, 2016 V70, 2016, D3
XC90 XC90, 2016 V70, 2016, D4
D2 S60, 2016, D2 V70, 2016, T4
D2 S60, 2016, D3 XC90, 2016, D4
D4 S60, 2016, D4 XC90, 2016, D5
D5 S60, 2016, D5 XC90, 2016, T6
T3 S60, 2016, T3 XC90, 2016, V8
T4 S60, 2016, T4
T5 S60, 2016, T5

With only these configurations in Kentucky, a user cannot select S60, 2015, V8 because that combination does not exist.

Inline configurations

It is possible to markup almost any element in Kentucky with configurations. Use Kentucky internal editor to manage inline configurations.


Kentucky stores information in the valid-for attribute as comma separated numbers, not as clear text used in this manual.

Internal xml editor


Configurations inherit from its closes ancestor.

Invalid configuration

Kentucky does not issue any warnings for invalid configurations.

Multiple conffigurations

It is possible to set more than one configuration for an IE (or inline element).

If you want to set the validity to; S60, 2016, D2 and D3, you need to select two configurations:

  • • S60 2016 D2

  • • S60 2016 D3

This is mathematical equivalent to: (S60 AND 2016 AND D2) OR (S60 AND 2016 AND D3).

Invalid configuration combinations

If you combine two configurations were one is more specific than the other, the specific one does not have any effect.

  • • S60 2016 D2

  • • S60 2016

In this example D2 will never be filtered out because the second configuration says S60, 2016 and any engine. Kentucky does not issue any warnings for invalid configuration combinations.

If you set a filter to S60 2016 D3, expecting this fragment to be excluded, this fragment is included anyway.

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