Document types


Kentucky generates and stores graphics in more than one format and size. Standard formats are illustrator, png and svg. Graphics are also stored as high resolution jpg (300 dpi) and low resolution jpg (96 dpi).

Kentucky uses a plugin (ToKentucky.exe) in adobe illustrator, to generate the formats.


Files are treated as blobs (Binary Large Objects). No metadata is extracted and no extra formats are generated. Each file type must be registered as a template before it can be used in Kentucky.

Standard file types are:

  • Word (.docx)

  • Excel (.xlsx)

  • Powerpoint(.pptx)

  • Text file (.txt)

  • Pdf (.pdf)

  • Zip (.zip)


A map is a special xml document that uses only two types of elements; folder and ieref. A map can be used to organize topics into a complete manual. It can also be used to take a snapshot of a folder structure in Kentucky. As for other xml documents, all links are extracted and stored in the database.


Video is a special type which also includes a "front image". Kentucky only stores it. When creating a pdf, only the image is used. the video itself is for online use or general web format locally.

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