How to use Version and Revision

September 2015 hint

Kentucky is designed to use Versions and Revisions to support your workflow and give you the traceability to go back and see what changes have been made in the different development stages.

The idea is to “check in” your article when your work session is finished. Typically, the next step would be that the article then is sent for review. You should then raise the status to “Review”. This will help you remember that you are waiting for review comments.

When/if you need to edit the article (according to review comments) you should check it out as a new revision and make your changes. Keep making new revisions for every comment loop you complete. When the article is finished you raise the status to “Approved”. If the article wasn´t sent for “external review” and you did the review yourself, set status to “Approved”.

If you need to make additional changes to an article that has been approved or translated, you should check it out as a new Version, and then repeat the steps above.

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