Our ethos of being ‘People Driven’ is a simple one. It shows that we put people first, and serve their needs as best we can. Our people are our best asset, and serving others is at our core of our business. The human factor is integral to everything we do, from how we manufacture, to how we take our products to market. Our bright, positive outlook and future focus needs to be reflected in new, up to date branding that takes our story to a connected audience. British advanced engineering and design and world class commercial quality and reliability standards remain at the heart of the company.

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If you will be using Adobe Illustrator, you need "write permissions" to the following folder (and sub folders) before starting the installation :

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator 2022\Presets\

Otherwise the installation will fail.

  1. Right-click on the link install.zip, select "Save target as..." (or "Save link as...") and save it on the desktop

  2. Select the downloaded file and Right-click  Extract all.

  3. Run the install.exe.

    A command line window is displayed:

    Wait for it to finish listing and then exit, by pressing a key on the keyboard

  4. Delete both the install.zip file and the Install folder on the desktop.


    These items are only needed during the installation

  5. The shortcut for Kentucky is placed on the desktop, in a folder named Kentucky Production.

    Open it and select an implementation

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Keith Hancock

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