Supplementary Translation

  1. Select an IE with status Translated or For Translation.

  2. Select Supplementary Translation...

  3. Select Use valid from if the translation file should filter the included information using the valid from date selected IE. If not selected, the latest version of all inclusions will be sent for translation.

  4. Select Assign Task To:

    • Translator . Selected by default, will send translation to the Translation client on Kentucky web portal.

    • Me . If translation will not be send to translatior, but handled locally.

  5. Select Include options:

    • Selected IE Only

    • Selected IE Only And All Inclusions (default)

  6. Select one or more Languages from the list.

  7. Set a Due date. The date "today" is set by default. The translation task will be shown in red starting from the due date.

  8. Add an optional Description.

  9. Click OK.

  10. The IE is set to status to "For Translation".

  11. A Translation Task is created in the tab Tasks. The created Task is assiged with the selected IE. The task will have the following settings:

    • Type = Translation

    • Task Status = Not Started

    • Title = [Selected IE Number] - [Title]

    • Due Date = Selected Due Date

    • Comment = [Description]


      Languages: [Selected Languages]

  12. For information about downloading the translation file, see .

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