Send to translation

An IE and all included fragments must have status Approved to be able to send for translation. For more information about statuses, see .

  1. Select IE to send for translation.

  2. From the menu, select Translate  Send To Translation

  3. Select Use valid from to filter according to the valid from date from selected IE. If not selected, then latest version of each IE will be included.

    Administrators have a few more options. See and .

    Lägg till länk om filtrering
  4. Check Preview before sending to translation. For more information, see .

  5. Select who to Assign task to:

    • Translator when the IE is to be sent to external translator. This is default setting.

    • Me when the IE is to be handled by local editor or illustrator.

  6. Select at Include Options:

    • Selected IE only when only current IE is to be translated.

    • Selected IE and all inclusions when all included IEs are be translated as well. This is default setting.

  7. SelectTranslation languages that the IE is to be translated to. If a previous version of the IE has been translated, the previous languages are selected by default. It is possible to change the setting by selecting and deselecting languages.

  8. Select a Due date. "Today" is selected by default. The translation task will be shown in red if due date has passed.

  9. Add an optional Desription. This description will be visible for the translator and can provide extra information. The selected languages will be added automatically to this description.

  10. Click OK. The translation task is created with status Not started.

  11. For information about downloading the translation file, see .

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