Add comment(s) to a Request

Comments to a request is the preferred way of communication related to a specific issue. Reason for this is to keep all info together, both during a request active life but also for reference in the future when a new issue is related to a previous one. Another reason is that it is not always same personal handling the request and emails sent to a mailbox is not visible from JIRA.

Login to JIRA in the normal way using your Semcon "s-number" and the network password. Change to wanted planning board by first clicking on "Agile" in top of the window and then select from the list which comes up.

Now move your mouse on top of your request and use the right-click button on your mouse, click on "View in Issue Navigator" in the list which comes up.

A new window comes up with your request. Scroll down if the page is long and click on the "Comments" button. Input your message and click the "Add" button. Done.

A copy of your message will be sent as email to all personal involved. Kentucky support will respond by adding another message, which you will get a copy of and so on the communication goes until the request is resolved.

When you get your first email reply from JIRA about your request, there is a direct link in the mail which simplifies above second time and further you need to see or change something, like adding another comment.

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