The MAP Editor

The MAP Editor uses another way of planning a document. Instead of adding manually each fragment as you do with the ieref element in a map-book, you pick and release the fragments visually to the map editor with the mouse. The same when you re-arrange chapters (which in the MAP Editor are called folders), it is also done visually in one place.

The MAP Editor window


This image shows how it looks when you are building up a document.

  1. The top root level (here called Demo) is handled in a special way. Only Front, Back and Juridics should go here. Other topics are not considered and will be ignored.
  2. First level of folders (here called chapter one and chapter two) are handled as normal chapter folders and can contain any type of xml topic or more sub-folders (except map-book or another MAP).
  3. When you want to move a topic or folder, just mark it and click on the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons until it reached the position you want.
  4. If you want a Table of contents to be included in the published document, you set the "ShowTOC" attribute to Yes (located in the properties for the MAP itself).
  5. Folders can themself contain folders. Select the start folder you want to use and click on the "New Folder" button. Input a name for it and click "OK".
  6. If you want to move one topic from one folder to another, select the topic, click on the "Cut" button, select the new folder and click on the "Paste" button. Same with folders.
  7. If you want to sort the IEs, select Title, External Number, IE Number or Template and click "Sort Ascending" button or "Sort Decending" button
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