Create IE Report

  1. Mark the topics you want the report to be based on. If they are stored in different folders, do a search on topics and mark from that list instead.


    To mark topics, press and hold the Ctrl button while you click on your topics.

    If they all are in one long row, select the first topic and then with the Shift button pressed down, press the down key repeatedly to mark the rest topics.

  2. Select the Reports tab in the top ribbon menu (or press Ctrl+R).

  3. Select the extra information you want by clicking the checkboxes (Attributes, Attachments and on to Review)

  4. Select the Stylesheet you want to use (Report Type).

  5. Click OK.

  6. Depending on which stylesheet you selected the result will open in either Excel or Internet Explorer (or other specific program your implementation has a report for).

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