Copy IE


A New copy of (Ctrl+Shift+C) creates one extra instance of an IE. Editing one of them will not affect the other. Do not mistake New copy of with "Copy link" (Ctrl+C) which creates a link to the selected IE (for example to be used in kty.include).

  1. Select the IE to copy.

  2. Select Context Menu  New copy of (Ctrl+Shift+C).

  3. Select which version you want to copy.

  4. Click Target Folder and select what folder the new IE should be created in.

    If no target folder is selected, the new IE is created in the same folder or same folders where the original IE is.

  5. Click Copy. Content and meta data are copied from the original IE. Attribute values are not copied. The copy gets the suffix " -COPY" in the title. All the existings ids are replaced with new values (Xml Document only), and the status of the copy is set to Draft.


    Check and adjust location of the new IE in the tab Structures when the IE is selected.

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