Publish IE

Publish IE is used to create the output files, which can be of type pdf, html etc.


The selected IE must be an xml document or a MAP.


There is a difference between publish from the IE base row compared to publish from IE history row. When IE base row is selected no filtering will be used and all included fragments will be included, unless a manual IE filter is set (see ).

Publish from IE history row will filter the information in accordance with the selected IE Valid from date, Status and Configuration. For more information about the filter function, see .

  1. Select the IE version to publish. When a version is selected from the IE history row, the current filtering is shown in the top menu in Kentucky.

  2. Select the tab Publish.

  3. Select a stylesheet and a language.

  4. Optional: Deselect the option Start Associated Program. This setting is selected by default, and the file is opened in the associated program when done. If deselected, the published file will be saved in the Kentucky cache folder which is opened with Vire  My Folder.

  5. Click Publish or press Enter. It is not possible to publish another file before the first one is done.

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