Find information by navigating different treeviews and folders.

The Kentucky main screen is divided in five areas or panels.

  1. Ribbon (top) menu. It can be minimized when you fex have a small screen and want to be able to use more of the screen.

  2. Navigate panel. From here you control which structure and folder you see items from in area 3.

  3. Content list area, there you normally see the IE, Task, Search and Assigned to me list panels.

  4. Content preview area. Normally you see the html preview panel, but you can also choose between Xml, Dependencies and IE Relations panel.

  5. Properties area. It contains several panels like Main properties, Comments, Assigned Tasks, External systems, Configurations, Attributes, Attachments, Targets and the Structures panel.


Except the top ribbon menu, all areas and panels can both be split and rearranged to better suit your needs. Your choosen setup can also be stored so Kentucky remembers it next time you start Kentucky. Go to to see how.

Navigation by area on the screen
  1. Select one of the Information Entities , Tasks or Assigned to Me panels.

  2. Select a folder in the Navigate panel.

  3. A list of items assigned to the selected folder is displayed in the content list.

  4. Repeat as needed, by selecting another folder/subfolder.

Navigation by mouse and keyboard

    Please note that most functions in Kentucky can be called in several different ways, all or most of the following. Which to use is up to user preferences.

  1. via Ribbon menu, both using mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

  2. via Keyboard, using shortcuts like Ctrl+D (press and hold the Ctrl button while you press the 'D' button).

  3. via Context menu (eg. Right-click menu), by clicking in an area with the right-click button on the mouse. A menu comes up showing even more functions, related to that specific area.

  4. via Toolbar, see below image at the red arrow. Some but not all panels have toolbars.

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